Teaching Approach

Coming from a sociological standpoint, I view teaching as an opportunity to develop new and build on students’ existing analytic, creative, and critical skills. Understanding the sociological think can open doors to a wide variety of disciplines and employment opportunities, I view my teaching outlook as one that supports students who will continue in college (i.e. Freshman and Sophomores) and those who may be moving into the first years of a career (i.e. Juniors and Seniors). Thinking critically, challenging assumptions, and supporting arguments with data is both useful in the classroom and in the workplace. Given that students occupy multiple roles, I hope to create an open academic environment where students can learn from each other’s experiences while developing themselves as critical thinkers.

SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology

The purpose of this class is to introduce undergraduate students to the field of sociology. Each week, we cover a distinct topic, such as theory, racial inequality, and gender. I build on the text using in-class videos (short-form) and documentaries, such as Mitchell Duneier’s Sidewalk. We conclude the class with an application of our sociological imagination to a current topic, such as immigration, childhood socialization, and religion.